Candy Valentines with Sprout by HP

22 gen.

Candy Valentines wit Sprout by HP

Hey there everyone! Yes, I know I have not posted in forever, sorry, sorry, sorry, since lil’ one arrived it has been kinda crazy over here. But Valentine’s Day always provides a great excuse to make stuff so here we come again. And this year we will craft away using Sprout by HP, the super cool computer that has been my project at work for the longest time, yes, the “secret project” I could not talk about!!! Well, it’s out now, and I will show you a few cool things you can do with it. Sprout is all about what we call “blended reality” which means that you can work and create moving across the real and the digital worlds in a very seamless way. I know, that is quite an esoteric statement, this is why I have put together these two projects together with my colleague Andrea, stay with me.

In the first project we will be finger painting with light (?!?!) to create an envelope for candy. For the second, I created a Facebook post using guess what… candy! Yes, I like candy, especially Mike’s and Ike’s and how they get stuck to my teeth and I feel like I am eating candy for hours. I hope these projects give you an idea of how you can use Sprout’s capabilities in a creative way. Leave a comment and tell me what would you do with it!

Candy envelope – Finger painting with light

What you will need:

  • Vellum paper
  • A heart or another shape cut out from thick cardboard
  • Tape, regular or masking
  • Double-sided tape or glue to join together the sides of the envelope. We like tape because you don’t have to wait for it to dry
  • A bone knife (or a regular knife with a dull blade) to fold the envelope
  • Candy (have I mentioned I love Mike’s and Ike’s?)


Copy and paste a template of a petal envelope from your browser into Workspace/Create. Pin the template to the Canvas to avoid moving it by mistake. Just tap on the template, a blue box will show it is selected, and press on the Pin option on the right hand side menu. Tape the cardboard heart in the middle of the envelope. Here is a very useful trick to work comfortably and avoid messing up with the menus on the touch mat: press once on the right side button on the touch mat connector, it will turn the touch off. Once you are done taping the heart, press again to turn it on


And here comes the finger painting part. We have chosen the highlighter tool in its thickest width in a dark pink. Dab around the cardboard heart to create little dots. We have changed to a lighter shade of pink a couple times as we moved outwards, also spacing the dots to create an ombre effect but explore and have fun, try the pencil or the pen, and draw lines or waves for eye-catching patterns.



Trace the outer line of the envelope to create the cutting line, this is easier if you use the stylus. Do not worry about it being perfect because we will be cutting along the inside of it.Then, delete the original template by selecting it, a blue box will appear around it, unpin it and send it to the trash. All these commands will show on the right side menu.


Print the envelope by clicking on the file menu that is on the top right corner of the canvas, it looks like three parallel lines. We have used vellum paper here for a transparency effect but white paper will work too. If you use vellum, we recommend that you use an inkjet printer like the HP Envy 5660 that we have used. Cut out the envelope along the inside of the outline you have just drawn


Using a bone knife and a ruler, score along the central square of the envelope. You can easily do that by joining the four angles creating a square. Fold the petals inwards and press with the thick end of the bone knife to create a clean crease. You can do this with a regular table knife, just remember to pick one with a round tip and to use the dull side of the blade



Close the 3 petals with double-sided tape or glue, fill up with your favorite candy and give to your sweet Valentines!


Candy Facebook post – Using light as a template

For this project you will just need candy in the color scheme of your choice. We have used Starburst and Mike’s and Ike’s (I know…)

Open Create on Workspace and write the word that you like. Keep in mind that you will be tracing the outline with candy so  large letters work best unless you are using tiny candy (I gotta make a project with Nerds…). We have gone with Love. You could also make a drawing or whatever you fancy


Now, trace with candy the word or whatever it is that you have outlined. Since the outline is projected it will not disappear when you place the candy so you can adjust it as you see fit. This is another example of blended reality, where we work with digital and physical content seamlessly.


Once you are happy with it, let’s proceed to capture it. Click on the camera icon on the top, left corner of the touch mat and click on the monitor. Remove the candy from the surface and now you have… digital candy!


You can crop out the excess white border by using the crop tool. Just click on the image to select it, a blue border will appear. The select the Effects/Fx->Crop menu on the left side of the mat. Move the handles to adjust the crop area.


You can handwrite or type a message, or keep capturing candy or something else to, for example, create a border. In our case, we have typed a message. We have copied the logo from



To post it on Facebook, just click on the Share icon on the top menu on the mat and choose Facebook.  You need to have the app installed, but if you don’t, fear not, you will be taken to the App Store to downloaded.


Happy Sweet Valentine’s Day ya’ll!


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